Briggs & Stratton 591378 Carburetor

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  Replaces Briggs & Stratton 591378 Carburetor 

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3 Year Replacement Warranty! 
Replace your carburetor if your machine starts up on choke then dies, if it starts with starting fluid then dies or if it needs choke on to run. It's also a good idea to replace your fuel and clean out fuel lines. Most Problems With Equipment Not Running Or Having a Hard Time Running Is Due To Carburetor Problems.

Includes: 1 New Replacement Briggs And Stratton 591378 Carburetor With Gaskets & Linkages.
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Also Replaces These Part Numbers & Models:

20H132-0111-B1 ,20H137-0124-B1,20H237-0132-B1, 20S232-0036-F1 ,20S257-0124-F1
,20H132-0111-E9 ,20H137-0124-E9 ,20H237-0133-B1, 20S232-0037-F1 ,20S257-1197-F1
20H132-0114-B1 ,20H137-0129-B1, 20L132-0111-F1, 20S232-0038-F1, 20T132-0598-F1
20H132-0114-E9, 20H137-0132-B1 ,20L132-0112-F1, 20S232-0063-F1 ,20T202-0914-F1
20H132-0117-B1, 20H137-0136-B1 ,20L132-0115-F1 ,20S232-0108-F1, 20T212-0120-G1
20H132-0117-E9 20H137-0138-H1 20L136-0113-F1 20S232-1124-F1 20T212-0121-F1
20H132-0118-B1 20H232-0122-B1 20L232-0113-G1 20S232-1127-F1 20T212-0835-F1
20H132-0118-E9 20H232-0124-B1 20L235-0114-G1 20S232-1246-F1 20T212-1125-F1
20H132-0110-E9 20H137-0119-E9 20H237-0131-B1 20S232-0035-F1 20S257-0050-F1
20H132-0120-B1 20H232-0126-B1 20S132-0111-F1 20S237-0041-F1 20T212-1147-G1
20H132-0120-E9 20H232-0128-B1 20S157-0110-F1 20S237-0042-F1 20T212-1171-G1
20H132-0121-B1 20H232-0134-B1 20S202-0127-F1 20S237-0109-F1 20T215-1117-F1
20H136-0126-E9 20H237-0127-B1 20S212-1309-F1 20S252-0121-F1 20T232-0935-F1
20H132-0110-B1 20H137-0119-B1 20H237-0127-H7 20S217-0113-F1 20S252-0122-F1
20H132-0121-E9 20H232-0135-B1 20S207-0120-F1 20S237-0123-F1 20T215-1177-G1
20H132-0122-B1 20H237-0113-B1 20S212-0112-F1 20S237-1116-F1 20T217-0122-F1
20H136-0126-B1 20H237-0125-B1 20S212-1194-G1 20S252-0049-F1 20T232-0753-F1
20H132-0122-E9 20H237-0113-E9 20S212-0117-G1 20S237-1216-F1 20T232-0036-F1
20H132-0130-B1 20H237-0115-B1 20S212-0118-F1 20S237-1322-F1 20T232-0122-F1
20H132-0137-H1 20H237-0123-B1 20S212-1151-F1 20S237-1533-F1 20T232-0125-F1

Briggs And Stratton 591378 Carburetor
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