Creative Children PE Water Cans Lovely Snail Animal 9*5.5"" 1L Random Coloor


Shipped from Hongkong. Creative Lizard Spray Lacquer Water Cans Fashion Gardening Watering Cans, beautifully made, high quality and durable. Metal Traditional Painted Watering Can, 1.6 litre size. Your kids will love watering the plants and flowers with this bright PE watering can as it is lovely snail. It surely will make your watering more fun and happy. Colore assorted: pink/green. Size: 231418CM Take the guesswork and worrying out of watering! Durable and Will Last You Years To Come. Self-watering system eliminates the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended. Innovative and attractive function. Removable sprinkle nozzle for a fast pour.


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